Sugar Cane Golf Club

live video chat for free A short walk to the other side of the dike. The Torry Island Campground has partnered with the Sugar Cane Golf Club to bring you special rates as customers. There are no tee times. Play whenever you want! 

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Summer Rates May – October for Campers.  Rate includes cart fee.

18 Holes - $20.00

Extended play - $10.00

Walk 18 Holes for only - $10.00

Junior Golfers (under 16) - $10.00


Winter Rates November – April for Campers.  Rate includes cart fee.

18 Holes - $26.50

Extended play - $10.00

Walk 18 Holes for only - $10.00

Junior Golfers (under 16) - $20.00


Campground customers who stay longer than a month can purchase monthly memberships for unlimited golf.

Single - $212.00

Couple - $318.00



Range Balls are only - $5.00






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1.  Only registered guests, their authorized family and visitors, City personnel and City contractors are permitted within the Campground.  The Campground office should be notified if unauthorized individuals are in the Campground.


2.  Altering, adding to, damaging or destroying the natural environment of any campsite or the Campground or altering or damaging  any utility hook-ups, wiring or any facilities provided at the Campground is strictly prohibited.  Permanent or semi-permanent fixtures including, but not limited to, sheds, porches, fences, docks, walkways or similar appurtenances shall not be installed or set up at a campsite. Skirting, blocking up or tying down recreational vehicles is not permitted. 


3.  All campsites shall be kept clear and clean of items which prevent efficient maintenance of and direct access to the campsite.  This includes keeping the campsite clear of any clutter, debris or litter.  Outside items and accessories (e.g., furniture, gear, equipment and other personal property) shall be immediately removed at the request of the City.  


4.  Registered guests shall be responsible for placing all trash and debris in a dumpster or other City provided container on a daily basis and prior to existing or vacating the Campground.


5.  No outside lighting will be permitted to continuously burn throughout the night except one (1) 60 watt size light bulb per campsite.


6.  Registered guests desiring utility hook-ups must obtain authorization from the Campground office prior to use.  The provision of water through hook-ups or at Campground facilities may be restricted during periods of drought or for other purposes.


7.  Campfires are authorized in designated areas unless otherwise prohibited by City personnel due to drought or for other purposes.  External storage of wood pine, rocks or other campfire materials is prohibited.  Campfires must not continuously burn through the night.  All campfires must be thoroughly extinguished and any remaining material removed from the campsite prior to vacating.  Burning of wood pallets is strictly prohibited.


8.  The speed limit within the Campground is 10 m.p.h. and 15 m.p.h. for the Marina.  No motor bikes, all-terrain vehicles, motorized scooters or similar vehicles shall be driven in the Campground.  Golf carts are permitted to be driven on roadways within the Campground by a person in possession of a valid driver’s license.  All vehicles driven at night within the Campground must utilize their headlights.  Except City authorized vehicles, no vehicle shall be driven across a campsite.


9.  Pets are authorized in the Campground and shall be leashed at all times.  While in the Campground, pets may be walked in the designated area east of the Campground office.  Registered guests shall be responsible for proper clean-up and disposal of their pet’s waste.  Pets are not authorized in the restrooms or laundry facilities.  Continual barking or disruption by pets is not permitted.  Pets shall not include livestock or exotic animals.


10.  Children under 12 years of age shall be supervised at all times and shall be accompanied by an adult when using the restrooms or other facilities at the Campground.


11.  Toilet facilities in recreational vehicles or boats shall not be used unless they are emptied into approved holding tanks that are kept in a sanitary and serviced condition.


12.  The unsanitary disposal of garbage, trash, toilet waste materials, sink and shower waste is strictly prohibited.  Shower and sink waste water must be collected in a portable container and dumped in the dumping station.  No hoses are to be attached to the recreational vehicle’s sewage/water outlets unless the waste is directly routed to a container approved by City personnel in advance of any such connection.


13.  Firearms shall not be displayed or discharged within the Campground. 


14.  Boats shall not be parked at any campsite unless the property of the registered guests.


15.  Swimming is not permitted in or around the Campground.


16.  Boats shall not be moored, anchored or tied up to the bank, tree, build rock or any other object in the Campground except in authorized locations.


17.  Fishing is allowed within the waters surrounding the Campground and all applicable laws pertaining to fishing and licensing shall be enforced.


18.  Except for City-authorized functions at Campground facilities (e.g., pavilion), alcohol may only be consumed within a campsite by persons over the age of 21.


19.  Registered guests, family members and visitors at the Campground shall not cause any disturbance or conduct themselves in any manner which disturbs the health, welfare or peace and tranquility of others; display intoxication, profanity, lewdness, or brawling; engage in illegal  or disorderly conduct or conduct which constitutes a nuisance


20.  No vehicle or boat repair or maintenance is permitted within the Campground.


21.  Quiet time is from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.  Noise should be kept to a minimum at all hours.


22.  Smoking is not permitted inside any Campground facility.


23.  Except for free-standing umbrella or similar type clotheslines, clothes/laundry shall not be strung from lines, trees, railings or on recreational vehicles.


24.  Fireworks are prohibited in the Campground.


25.  Disturbing or removing any wildlife from the Campground is prohibited.


26.  Commercial activities by registered guests, their family or visitors is prohibited within the Campgrounds.


27.  No person shall throw, discharge or otherwise place or cause to be placed in the natural waters surrounding the Campgrounds any substance, matter or thing, liquid or solid which will or may result in the pollution of said waters.


28.  Burning of refuse in the Campground is prohibited.


29.   Laundry facilities shall not be utilized for disposal of kitchen or other waste water.

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